Wednesday, 29 September 2010

i have chosen this image of route 66 as a positive image representing the United States. This is a positive image in my opinion as it epitomises the freedom that simply being in the US allows you to have, route 66 is 'the open road' and this image sums up the idea that when you are in the US and you are a US citizen you can take any route you wish in order to obtain the American dream. All roads lead to success and happiness when living in America, at least that's the idea and this image is capable of conveying that in my opinion. Route 66 also bares significance as it spans across about 3/4 of the US and has been the inspiration for countless songs as it represented the freedom of America and the ability to travel almost anywhere you want simply by following this one road.

I have chosen this image of Tony Montana from the film Scarface to represent a negative portrayal of the US. Tony Montana achieved the American dream, he came to the US looking for a quick route to wealth and success, something that only America could offer a foreign immigrant, fleeing poverty and crime and Tony Montana found money and success through crime. i believe this to be a strong image to represent negative America as it can be easily argued that it suggests the only real way to find success in the America is to rob, murder and steal from your fellow Americans, through this image you can argue that America really is a dog eat dog world and the only way to truly obtain the American dream is to be ruthless and vicious in order to gain the benefits of American capitalism. This image is particularly effective in my opinion as Tony Montana's view and experience of America (apart from the violence and eventual downfall) is what many foreign immigrants thought America could offer them and to this day still can. This image infers that America is the land of opportunity but to obtain it you have to be a willing to endure corruption, violence and pretty much become a criminal other than that the poor foreigner will just become another American living in poverty with nothing more than a US passport.

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