Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I have chosen this image to represent a negative approach to America. I believe that this image shows how little faith and respect the American's actually had for George Bush whilst he was in power. This is shown by the expression on the infant's face as being one of great upset. Alone this image speaks multitudes, shouting out that "this man cannot be trusted" due to the way that the small child he is holding is screaming a great deal. The added text "CHARACTER - Babies are an excellent judge of it." adds emphasis to this distrust of Bush.
I see this as a highly negative image due to the way in which this man who is able to upset the baby in the way he does was, in fact, the President of America. This means that this man was in control of one of the most powerful countries in the world which is a truly worrying fact to beaware of.

This photograph of the current President, Barack Obama, with his family helps to represent a positive aspect of America. I see this as a very positive image for a few reasons. The informality of the focal characters (Obama, his wife and their two little girls) emphasizes that they are a happy and secure family. This shows Barack Obama as a good family man with a happy life, happy family and happy heart, all good features for a Presidential leader of one of the world's biggest powers. It helps us to trust him a lot more and inserts faith in him. This image also can be seen to represent how important family is to the Americans as a unity. Family closeness in America is HUGELY important, and this photograph just about sums it up. :)

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