Tuesday, 28 September 2010

This is a very negative image and one that is almost iconic to America now. It is an image taken from a very popular television show called "My Super Sweet 16"
In the image you can see a 16 year old girl that is very has almost shaped her life around the peope she sees on the television a celebrity lifestyle. She is holding two small dogs who she has 'dyed' pink? She is holding the dogs in a rather negative way, by this she is holding the dogs for an accsessory opposed to holding the dogs from a caring and affectionate point of view.
Obviously the connotations of this picture are that she belives that she's a 'princess' with the sterotypical colours? This picture is negaive also in a sense that the chidren are now growing up carefree in a society where children are spolit as parents would rather throw money at a problem opposed to solving it rationally. It could also be argued that growing up in this enviroment doesnt teach girls like this morals or feelings and that empathy towards other human beeings is never seen.

This is the 'ground zero' site in New York City. There has been a dramatic transformation from 9/11 in such a short period of time, from the scenes that once horrified and shocked the world and changed modern politics and philosophies as we knew it.
This picture was taken in October 2007, 6 years after the attacks. This is a very positive picture for many reasons. The first and most dominant connatations of this image is the sense of Unity. After the attacks took place America became unified, as every citizen shared a common ground in their beliefs such as Justice, Mourning and most importantly the future and rebuilding. In this image you can see construction is already underway and that there has been significant progress in such a small time. You can also see that there is alot of work being done, this also suggest that America has been unified and that everyone has come together to help rebuild the damage caused.
I believe that this picture was also taken to promote as sense of patriotism. This is because they are not concealing the obvious fact that America suffered one of the largest terror attakcs in history. But instead this image was taken to reassure and show the world that America is strong and united in the face of evil and that they are not affraid. The image also shows the American people that they will rebuild and that the country is united.
However after taking this into account it could also be argued that this image has a negative meaning. For example it could have been taken to remind the American people that their country will always face imminant danger in thier politics and philosophies do not change? For example the image reminds America that they will always be fighting a battle whether it be in Iraq or at home?

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