Thursday, 30 September 2010

I see this photograph as a positive image of America, for one it shows the close family circuit, Obama and his wife and children together, looking out on the people, smiling and happy. They come across as warm hearted and inviting, this family image is very important, it portrays them as people you can relate to instead of Obama just being seen as a politician. By having his whole family involved he is more appealing to all ages and people, it widens his demographic. 

In addition, the way the Obama has his hand raised to the people, as if to thank them and show his appreciation. Also it could be seen as a link with the famous American landmark The Statue of Liberty, which is an iconic symbol of liberty and freedom, making him come across as a sign of hope for the people. The last point I would make about the photograph is the writing on the stand to the side of them, reading 'American Dream'. In a way this photograph symbolises everything about the American dream, Obama is living proof that anyone can make it and someone to look to as inspiration.

I see this photograph as a negative image of America, of course it is the famous Times Square in New York, known for its shops, restaurants and general atmosphere. However, I see it as a negative image of America because for one, it is completely packed, full of people that know where they want to go and not stopping for anyone or anything that is in their way. You can't simply stop and take in what is around you. Secondly, the amount of cars on the road, majority of which are yellow taxis, being not only bad for the environment but noise pollution as well. With so many cars on the road and people on the streets it creates an extremely fast pace, everyone is on the move, it can put you on edge and can create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Adding to this, you are surrounded by skyscrapers, obviously there is a space issue in New York as well as cost, therefore the only way is up. However, it can make the streets quite claustrophobic, as if you are packed in, there is no free space.

Adding to this, the whole place is covered in Billboards and signs to attract tourists and passing New Yorkers, there is not a free space anywhere. When looking at the photograph, the whole square just looks like one big advert which, I suppose, is much like the rest of New York.     

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