Sunday, 3 October 2010

US Images Kieran Reynolds

The Golden gate bridge in San Fransisco is one of America's most famous structures. I believe thCheck Spellingat it portrays America in a positive light. The bridge is one of the largest suspension bridges in the world and is symbolic of what America can achieve and the power and wealth the country possesses. It shows that the country is well connected and that even big gaps can be "bridged". You can tell how large the bridge is by the tiny size of the cars in comparison!

The image of an American holding a gun is highly controversial. Gun control being a very sensitive issue in the United States. However I personaly believe that is shows a negative issue of America. It shows both insecurity and intolerance. It could be said that the country is less safe due to the lack of gun control laws. Some may however see it as a positive as it could be seen as a sign of both personal safety and security. IF someone trespasses on your property. You have the free right to defend yourself!


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