Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Consumer Item - Dolce and Gabbana - The One

COMMERCIAL --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lssUXa9chgs

The Dolce and Gabbana commercial for the male fragrance "The One" tries to entice the male viewer into buying the product using a number of different techniques. By beginning the commercial with Matthew McConaughey getting out of a nice car, the man is meant to believe that "he has a nice car and he wears The One", secondly the photographers are following McConaughey around and constantly taking photographs of him, this is meant to lead the male viewer to think that "if I wear The One then everyone will always be watching me", lastly when McConaughey gets in to his bedroom, obvious sexual connotations are emphasized when he removes his jacket and undoes his shirt. At this point the sound of multiple camera flashes flare up accompanied by repetitive flashes of light and continue until the shot fades out. This final point is meant to lead the male to believe that if he wears The One then he will essentially "become" Matthew McConaughey and have everything that has just been shown. The sexual aspect and the handsome actor present in the commercial will mainly be aimed at any women watching the commercial making them also think that if their man wears The One then he will "become" Matthew McConaughey. Looking closely at commercials shows us just how outlandish the creators are when it comes to how the viewer is meant to think, however we must ask ourselves .. After watching the commercial of a product, why do we then go and buy it ??

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