Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Lizzie Buwu : Images Of America

The picture I picked was a picture of a little American Muslim girl. I found it quite positive. Although the image doesn’t immediately shout America at readers or people looking at it, I feel it represents a New America. The presence of a little girl with an American flag and a head scarf suggests the new American generation’s face has no religion. The term muslim in America is normally met with negative connotation to a certain extent. But this picture represents an America that allows you to be muslim and American, and it doesn’t only stop at religious identity but the message I feel transcends through to race, gender, sexuality etc. It doesn’t matter what background you might have America is for all.

The other image I chose that signifies America to me negatively, is a picture of a man with a body placard that reads The American Dream is over. Which I thought was quite significant as it placed an expiry date on a timeless American ideal. The idea of an American Dream is that its never too late and anyone from anywhere can make a good life for themselves. The fact that there is no face in the picture appeared quite sinister to me, but it suggested the message is relatable to any American.


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