Monday, 6 December 2010

Converse Advertisement

I have chosen to look at an advert for Converse shoes, this is a photograph I found on the internet advertising the American shoe/trainer. I chose this product advertisement because I think converse as a product represents the change throughout the years of how the material culture of a product can change dramatically. Converse for example have gone from being seen as a rebellious youth accessory to a popular fashion statement, they are still heavily worn by youths but now, as time has past they are viewed as more fashionable not just a hard-wearing shoe. Today the average age of people wearing converse I would say is between 16-29, they represent freedom and are seen as cool to be wearing.

In this advertisement, it represents the cheeky side to converse, the playfulness they can provide to everyone, hence the messy table and the guy and girl playing with their food. Also by having a guy and a girl in the advert it shows that the product is for both men and women and is very diverse. Although the advert is in black and white and quite vintage with the old style diner booths and cutlery it is very modern, in that this type of fashion and style is now back in trend. This advert shows that Converse are very much in style at the moment and have in a way been re-invented from their original style. Although the basic shoe is the same, there are now various different styles, not just in the form of different colours but length and actual shoe type. This product is a good example of how a product has changed over time due to material culture.         

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