Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Lizzie Buwu : Pro and Anti-Gun Control


The coalition to stop gun violence is a Pro-gun control website that aims to maintain a slipping freedom, from gun violence. It outlines many problems in the system and highlights issues such as the Gun Show Loophole, which enables anyone to purchase guns from unlicensed dealers without background checks. This means just about anyone can get a hold of a firearm easily. CGSV want tougher gun laws and a stricter grip on gun owners in America and furthermore to give politicians confidence to speak up against anti-gun control organisations such as the NRA


Gun Owner’s of America is a anti gun control website which argues that along with the ownership of a gun comes freedom. Like many other anti- gun control groups I looked at on the internet, this website pointed out how their cause was to protect the interests of the 2nd Amendment and had a “ NO COMPROMISE!” policy. They like a lot of gun enthusiasts who follow them believe the American people’s rights are threatened if their right to ownership is taken from them. What’s evident from just looking at the website is republican presence and how highly involved they are in the government politics surrounding their cause. The GOA boasts a “...board of directors who bring over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience on guns, legislation and politics.” Unlike the pro-gun control
The GOA website’s approach to their campaign against gun control is quite politically tactical and calls on people to use their voting power to voice and undermine legislation that goes against their cause. For instance on the website they have drawn up action plans for members to take or send to their Senators. Unlike the pro gun control websites who appeal to people’s hearts with their shocking statistics, e.g “...a person dies from gun violence every 17 minutes in America...but without easy access to guns it would be a lot harder.”

I think the pro gun control website had a stronger argument, was better presented and well supported by statistical evidence which would make many think twice. The anti-gun control argument had a very limited argument I felt, and it had no concern of how some of the rights they are fighting for, at times fatally affect normal Americans.

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