Tuesday, 19 October 2010


This website tells us a lot about the German opinion of the American's, especially their view towards the American military and it's past choices as well as their opinion towards America's Presidents. It informs us that 48% of Germans think that the United States is more dangerous than Iran with only 31% believing the opposite. Young Germans in particular, with 57% of 18 to 29 year-olds, consider the US more dangerous than the religious regime in Iran.
With a reference to American President Bush in the photographic image on the page saying that "Bush Bashing" is something of a national sport in Germany helps us to see just how much the Germans dislike the United States or, more likely, President George W, Bush.
This site in question shows us that the German people genuinely see the US as a greater threat to world peace than Iran and references back to 19th Century authors in order to back this point up. They even refer to the Americans as "Inherently evil". The article that this website consists of hugely stereotypical views of Americans;

"For us Germans, the Americans are either too fat or too obsessed with exercise, too prudish or too pornographic, too religious or too nihilistic. In terms of history and foreign policy, the Americans have either been too isolationist or too imperialistic. They simply go ahead and invade foreign countries and then abandon them, the way they did in Vietnam and will soon do in Iraq."

This shows the Germans to have a very closed opinion of the Americans and shows they are not willing to alter these stereotypes they believe the Americans conform to at all.
However, when studying this site, we must look and consider that the article in question was published 29/03/2007. Therefore we must ask ourselves whether or not the opinions voiced will have differed in any way since this article was written 3 years ago, or whether 3 years is barely any time at all, and therefore can't have altered in the slightest.

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