Tuesday, 12 October 2010

If Americans Knew

The on going conflict between Israel and Palestinain has occoured for over 60 years. This continuing conflict also brings instability to the world. America has also been diectly involved with this conflict for almost as long, and has been directly blammed for most of the desruction caused. This might be because the US gives more Aid to Israel than it does to any of Afriacn countries put togehter, this is the scale which the US is back Israel be it with Finance and more importantly military Aid. Figures indicate that the US gives over $7 Million dollas to Israel on a DAILY basis.

The websites main aim is to inform America and American citizens about the major 'significance' that is never in the media, the website finds this diffficult becuase the amount that America contribues is costing citizens in America over $15 million dollas a day. The website continues to state that it is there 'goal' to give American citizens the 'right' to make a balanced decision, opposed to the completely biased decision almost made for them by the media due to the compete one sidedness in facts reported by the media. The website continues to state that Americas continuing support for the Israeli government is infact putting America iself at war with the people whos lives are being reuined by American Support.

The website also has a variety or statistics and graphs to strengthen their arguments.

This image indicates the death of children. The red lines indicate the Palistinian Children compared to that of the blue lines of the Israeli children to have been killed.

This image is equally as shocking in terms of statistics as it indicates the amaount of homes destroyed by the conflict. Alarmingly over 25,000 Palisinian homes have been destroyed, compare that to a grand total of O of Israeli homes destroyed.

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