Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Kieran Reynolds Blog 3 Perspectives

The website I have chosen is that of the "Korean friendship association". This is a joint website between the association and the North Korean government. North Korea is a highly secretive Communist state and was famously labeled as part of George Bush's "Axel of evil". It has been perceived as a possible threat due to its nuclear weapons programme. Relations between the two countries have been difficult and there is an intense hatred of the USA in North Korea. The North Korean government blame the USA for splitting up their country. There is also the obvious ideological differences. The website claims that USA dominates South Korea and keeps a large amount of solders there to avoid the union of the Korean people. They say that the South of Korea is still controlled by "imperialist interests". They say that no union is possible until the Americans leave Korea. They also claim that the Americans plan to invade the north and use this as the justification of their weapons programme. I personally cannot agree with these statements and believe that the North Korean stance on the USA is more ideological than anything else. North Korea is under a dictatorship and these claims have been made to create hatred of the USA and the capitalist way of life. The media in North Korea is state controlled and the penalties for those who defy the state are severe. Therefore this hatred of the USA is shared by the majority of its citizens.

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