Tuesday, 19 October 2010


The website i have chosen to discuss is www.aljazeera.net, made famous for its coverage of kidnappings during the 2003 Iraq war, the news site is often the first to receive any communications from terrorist groups such as the Taliban and Al Queda. The site is obviously very anti-American in many of its articles even to the point of having a tab on the home page devoted to the Americas. one of the articles i chose to read in order to get an image of this sites view of the USA and the general view of the USA from a middle eastern perspective was "Injustice in the age of Obama"

The article was written by an Iraqi reporter who was arrested for protesting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. the article is quick to pin the blame for this "Injustice" on Barrack Obama as he is supposed to be a symbol of hope for the USA after the "Tyrannical" reign of George Bush and the columnist discusses how Obama as a former Law Professor should have had a healthy respect for civil liberties but his actions speak otherwise.

This website is able to give us a brief glimpse of the middle-eastern view of the USA and it is apparent that the occurrences of the much considered 'illegal' Iraq war is still hot topic in the peoples opinion and the injustice is still fresh in their minds especially with the ongoing Afghanistan campaign.

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