Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I have chosen a group that needs np introduction, this group was notiorious throughout America. Even now in a multicultural America this group is still remembered. The group I have chosen is the KKK. This group is now concidered to be 'outside the norm' of the AMerican contemporary thought. With extreme views this Party was extremely right wing and even advocated violance and even openly admitted to fighting for 'white supremacy' The group was strongest in the late 1860's and was mainly situated in the South.

The KKK are instantly recognizable from their forms of attire, they were the long white robes, face masks and the iconic pointy white hat. Although the group essentially died 10 years later in the 1870's small minorities of people continue to promote thier views across America.

In 2010 America could be concidered to be on eof the most Diverse countries in America. This mean sthat the country has and this must be stressed OVER TIME come to accept diversity and multiculturalism. Therefore rendering the KKK and thier right wing views outside the 'ideological norm'

On the KKK website 'www.kkk.com' the websites main aim is for 'POLITICAL POWER'. The website states how they aim to do this:

  • Become the leader of the White racialist movement
  • Strive to become the representative and driving force behind the White Community
  • Organize and direct white people to a level of activism necessary to bring about a political victory

To conclude this is a very small group and does not by any stretch of the imagination represent more than a miorties view of how society and race should be. The group is still exremly right wing and thier view and proposed legislation is simply a utopia and could never be made into legislation. However the group still gains publicity which rightly or wrongly still makes people aware of the group itself

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