Tuesday, 2 November 2010

American Idol!

I have chosen the popular US television programme America Idol and its website as a contemporary example of something exceptional and typical within American culture. i have chosen American Idol as my example for 2 specific reason, the first being that the programme promotes the idea that anyone, from any background can become a pop star providing they have the talent and drive. i believe this to be significant as American Idol is a perfect example of what the modern American dream is and how reality TV shows are able to provide the American dream. The second reason i merely because of the shows title; American idol with particular reference to the idol part as through this TV show you can become an idol to Americans through spectacle.

i believe this show is directly to De Crevecoeur's letters as the show offers any man the opportunity to success in the same way De Crevecoeur felt simply being an American could. the quotation i have chosen which i feel is directly relevant to this example is "What a train of pleasing ideas this fair spectacle must suggest! it is a prospect which must inspire a good citizen with the most heartfelt pleasure. The difficulty consists in the manner of viewing so extensive a scene." i feel this quotation help express the relevance of American idol to De Crevecoeur's letter as a programme such as American idol does have the intention to inspire through the sheer spectacle of what the audience is seeing in the same way De Crevecoeur talks about seeing the new world.

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