Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tea Party


This is a clip promoting the Tea Party and in particular Sarah Palin and her belief in the Tea Party. As the clip starts, the music comes in, it straight away gives the video that sense of happening and pride. The video consists of footage shot from various Tea Party rallys, along with a voice over of Sarah Palin describing the Tea Party and its beliefs. It shows images of people waving the american flag, standing together and against the two leading political partys and showing support for the Tea Party.  Sarah Palin goes on to say that "the sole of this movement is the people, everyday americans who grow our food and run our small businesses, teach our kids and fight our wars ", showing her support and the Tea Party belief in the real people, true americans that work hard to earn a living. She explains how the Tea Party is all about fighting for those real people that live regular lives and have regular jobs which the nation rely on, like teaching and running a small business as well as fighting our wars.

She goes on to say that "it is so inspiring to see real people, not politicos", the way she comes across is as if she herself is not a woman of politics but just a regular american, that she is the same as those at the Tea Party rally that she is speaking at. As she continues to talk, various images continue to run of Tea Party followers, flying their flags and holding up their signs against the two leading partys( the Democrats and Republicans). These images, along with Sarah Palin's voice over and the inspirational background music, give you that sense of hope, pride and honour. She then starts to talk about the Tea Party's core values, "come out, and stand out for common sense, conservative principles.", she speaks as if there is nothign else worth believing in and that she is proud to see such a turn out and happy to see many others who believe strongly in what the Tea Party stands for.

Finally it talks about government and the people, "who can argue a movement that is about the people, government is supposed to be working for the people, that is what this movement is about". This again emphasises the fact that the Tea Party is all for the people, fighting for their rights and are against the government. Sarah Palin ends the video by saying. "this party that we call the Tea Party is the future of politics and I am proud to get to be here today". This completes the video with that lingering sense of hope and what lies ahead, that the Tea Party can make a difference and stands for the people. It is the future. 

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