Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Kieran REynolds, Tea Party video. Glenn Beck


Glen Beck is a key tea party activist working for Fox News. He is idolised by many tea party members and is a key member of their movement. This video is typical of many such rallies he has been involved in throughout the country. He attacks the medias stance on the tea party and the perception that the tea party is an extremist movement. He also focuses on tax rises and what he believes is "out of control government spending. He also claims that it has nothing to do with parties and that both the Democrats and Republicans both "suck" and spending has been out of control and that politicians have been lying to the people it is meant to serve.

This video is typical tea party propaganda and while Beck's performance is strong it must be viewed as that. It is however important and gives an idea that the tea party movement is strong and growing. This video was from 2009 and the tea party has grown a lot since then.

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