Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kieran Reynolds, Gun Control

The NRA is one of the key groups campaigning against stricter gun control in the United States and is widely seen as one of the largest pressure groups in the United States. It claims that it aims to protect Americans constitutional right to bear arms. It has nearly four million members and is therefore very vocal. It also has a key political presence. It is believed that they possibly have influenced political appointments and decision making

The Coalition to control gun violence is a pressure group seeking to reduce gun violence and increase control over firearm ownership. THey plan to do this "though research, strategic involvement and effective policy advocacy. THey claim that it is too easy to purshase firearms and there needs to be strong checks. They are however a far smaller group than the NRA and have less political influence. I however believe their arguement has some weight behind it and this is supported by gun violence statistics in America.

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