Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Gun Control


This website offers a balanced opinion of both Pro and Anti Gun control activists. At the beginning of the article it tells its audience that Pro gun control activists believe that it is essential as it curbs control on 'criminals, juveniles and "high risk"individuals'. These activists subsequantly realise that the only way that this can happen is by federal law. Within this group lie two different beliefs, the first is that law should be amended so that the prohibition of all firearms for all non police. However the other set of activists are less extreme and believe that their policies would not impede on the ownership of legitimate gun holders

Opposition to gun control argue that control burdens law abiding citizens and also denies them basic rights that are written in the constitution! This of course is the second amendment in which all Americans are guaranteed!

Also Anti gun control activist believe that with the wide spread sale of guns this therefore acts as a deter ant for crime and more importantly ternary, either by gangs of Government!!!!

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