Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Republican Candidate Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is the winning Florida senate candidate for the republican party and a clear member of the tea party. in this video Rubio is addressing the camera directly, the constant eye contact in the video makes it more personal to the viewer and as such more engaging.

Rubio mentions his children to great effect in this video and is clearly trying to present himself as an all American Family man and dad with the perfect nuclear family, the wife and 2.5 children. the video even goes so far as to show Rubio with his children. Using the family and children is a theme which is often played upon in campaign videos as it makes the candidate more relateable to the viewer and makes him seem more normal.

Another significant point to this video is the clear opposition to Barrack Obama without coming across to aggressive Rubio says "we need politicians who will stand up to Obama, not join him" this does two things, firstly it makes it clear that Rubio is firmly opposed to Obama and is prepared to oppose him and secondly it makes Obama appear as a negative character, someone who is manipulating republican candidates into joining him.

Finally Rubio appeals to his tea party voters by making reference to Washington and how "they just don't get it" this is clearly telling his audience that Rubio has not gone Washington yet and still plans to fight for the people in his constituency without being corrupted by Washington.

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