Tuesday, 16 November 2010

US Midterm Elections 2010 - Jack Conway, Kentucky Senate election

This campaign election message was made and authenticated by Jack Conway a democrat that was trying to win the seat in Kentucky. This seat was lost to Republican hands in the way of Rand Paul. Noticalbly in the campaign ad Conway never mentions any policies or promises to his constituants, the ad decideds to decend down the other route Slandering.

However Conway's ad is very unique as in the video it tells the audicance from the offset that Paul is a bad character, because of his counterparts actions at school. Amzingly the whole campaign video focuses souly on on epoint and does not differ from his point. The focus is on Paul's apparent worship in place of christianity in 'aqua budda'. These claims however cannot be backed up and are very irrelevant, this campaign was also one of he reasons Conway lost the election according to oppinion sources.

It is very important however to notice the significance of this campaign ad. Although unsucsesfull Conway drew on a very raw nerve sort of speak in regards to things all (most) Americans hold dear. Ofcourse this is religion, Conway tries to gain votes this way. So for example branding Paul as a minority and claiming that he replaces Christianity with a nonsense religion attempting to persuade traditional christian voters to vote for him. This is evidence as to how religion orriantated America is today.

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