Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Apprentice USA

For this section I have decided to cover The Apprentice USA as a WEbsite/Television show that is 'typically' American. The basic point to the show if for Donald Trump the Entrapenuer and Billionaire to hire an apprentice that will recieve a lucrutive job with a six figure salary at one of Trumps many multibillion establishments. The Apprentice is picked for 20 usually yound hungry candidates that have already been sucsessful in business, running or working in them. Usually all the candidates are confident, aggressive and most importantly cut throat, in regards to having no feelings towards any of their counterparts.

For me this is typical America. This show really typifies the ideology of American 'Capitalism'. Also all candidates must almost battle easch other almost go to war with the other hopefulls. This could be almost a reference for De Crevcouers 2nd letter where he claims " Here individuals are a new race of men, whos labours and posterity will one day cause great changes in the world" This can link woth modern day America in many ways, for example this statement is very accurate in a sense that America as a race of men has changed the world as we know it. For example the biggest business' in the world are all American run, the Richest people are predominantly American. And with with regards to the television show, all candidates show thier labour and prosperity by completing tasks set by Trump on a weekly basis to show their worth.

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